This version is just a translation. The original French version applies in case of controversy.

These terms are updated on october the 26th of 2020.

ARTICLE 1 : Subject

Anyone who visits the website www.ibicella.com is named User. Is named Ibicella the physical and moral owner of the website www.ibicella.fr. The online store is called Boutique. These conditions must have been read, understood and accepted by any User wishing to access the website or the Boutique. In case of non-acceptance of the Terms of services, the User must renounce access to the website. Ibicella reserves the right to modify at any time the content of these terms and conditions, the User is therefore aware that he must keep himself informed of possible changes to this contract.

The website e-mail is : contact@ibicella.fr

ARTICLE 2 : Sensitive content

The website www.ibicella.fr broadcasts sensitive content related to sexuality that can undermine the sensitivity of the public. As a result, this website content is exclusively reserved for adults of legal age in their country of residence. The sensitive content proposed here is exclusively related to role plays and fantasies between adult and consenting adults who are looking for this kind of content. Nothing illegal under French law is proposed or shown on this website. In any case Ibicella or the website can not be held responsible for the repercussions these contents could generate. Anyone visiting the website is assumed to be in good mental health and able to take a step back from the content they have chosen to access. The User understands that stories of fantasies (whether written or via videos) are in no way an invitation or inducement and should be considered pornographic narrative fiction.

ARTICLE 3 : Intellectual property

Contents on the website www.ibicella.fr are protected by the Code of Intellectual Property and more specifically by copyright. They all belong to Ibicella, creator of these contents. The User agrees to use those in a strictly private context, all contents belonging to Ibicella, whatever their origin. The User undertakes not to disseminate, or reproduce even partially, the contents of which the intellectual property belongs to Ibicella. Use of the content for commercial or professional purposes is strictly prohibited. Anyone who derogates from the intellectual property rule can be prosecuted and incur a three-year prison sentence and a fine of € 300,000 (penalties of 5 years in prison and a € 500,000 fine if the acts are committed organized gang). These penalties are enacted by Articles L335-2 to L335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code. Thank you to report me by email if you witness any fraudulent or unhealthy use of the content of the site.

ARTICLE 4 : Boutique

Before any purchase on the Boutique, the User must make sure to have the balance available on his paying account. If the credit card is rejected, Ibicella may block access to the site for an indefinite amount of time. There are 3 types of products on sale on the Boutique: personalized items, videos on the VOD studio, and services. A personalized article – whether material or immaterial – is sent within a pre-established timeframe with Ibicella, generally going up to 1 month depending on the complexity of the realization and the waiting list of orders in progress. Regarding the videos purchased on the studio, they are available for download upon payment received by Ibicella. Please make sure to download the videos as soon as possible. If one of the videos has to be deleted from the website it will delete it from your client account, make sure to save them elsewhere. The receipt of payment is automatic in case of payment by credit card. If the User pays with another payment system, it will have to wait for manual validation. No order will be honored without prior payment. Regarding the services (webcam, phone call, etc.), they are made in due time after the two parties have agreed on the day and time of the appointment. If the User does not come to the appointment without cancellation before, the service may be cashed as compensation. If Ibicella believes a User is dishonest or disrespectful (including, but not exclusive, regarding the intellectual property), She may interrupt any commercial service concerning him without refund. Neither Ibicella nor the site can be held responsible for a delivery problem or delay related to the Post service.

ARTICLE 5 : Refund Policy

Videos on demand and other content are immaterial sales made exclusively by digital means and for immediate execution. In application of article L.121-20-2 of the French Consumer Code, once viewing or downloading has started, you will no longer be able to exercise your right of withdrawal and therefore request a refund. No User can therefore benefit from the right of withdrawal which he expressly recognizes and accepts by validating these conditions. In addition, in the event of closure or inactivity of the account, the balance of the account cannot be returned to the user. For personalized services such as telephone call or audio-visual conversation: the User can withdraw up to 1 hour before the start of the service and be fully refunded. After this time, the User will not be able to claim a refund in the event of cancellation. Regarding the shipment of material goods: the User can withdraw and be reimbursed as long as the goods have not yet been customized yet (example of personalization: when a pair of panties has been worn expressly to be sent to the ‘User). He can, however, ask for more personalization contacting Ibicella directly by email.

ARTICLE 6 : Legal Mentions

Boutique on www.ibicella.fr is managed by IBC – N° : 828799204 – Contact : PHPNET – 97 rue du général Mangin – 38100 Grenoble FRANCE – N° : 451878128 00037 – Phone : (+33) 0482530210 . Direct contact : IBC contact@ibicella.fr . The Boutique Payments are managed and secured by CentralPay. For any other question, thank you to consult the FAQ of the site before contacting me by email.

ARTICLE 7 : Responsibility

www.ibicella.fr can not be held responsible for the direct and indirect damage caused to the User or his equipment during the access to the website. Each User is supposed to visit the website with adapted and secure material. In addition, www.ibicella.com or its legal representative can not be held responsible for any misuse or understanding of its content. If a dispute arises, both parties agree to ensure that all items in these conditions are respected. www.ibicella.fr being aweb site hosted in France, the French law applies.

ARTICLE 8 : Cookies and personal datas

www.ibicella.com uses cookies to distinguish Users and improve the experience of each. Each User accepts their use by browsing the pages of the site. In accordance with exemption DI-006, www.ibicella.fr has not been declared to the CNIL. In general, the User is not obliged to communicate his personal data to appreciate the site. Nevertheless, for certain services offered by www.ibicella.fr (specifically the online sales part), the User may be required to provide certain informations. He is committed to providing truthful information. The User can refuse to communicate them, in this case is prohibited from accessing these online sales services. The data stored by the site are linked to the customer area, filled and modified at any time by the User, they are used only for accounting and the smooth running of orders placed. Under Articles 39 and 40 of the law dated January 6, 1978, the User has a right to delete his personal data on the site. The User exercises this right by explicitly writing his request to the following email address: contact@ibicella.fr

ARTICLE 9 : Hypertexte links

A few outgoing hypertext links are present on the site, however the web pages these links lead to do not engage the responsibility of www.ibicella.fr who does not have the control of these links. The User is therefore forbidden to engage the responsibility of the website concerning the content and resources relating to these hypertext links.

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