Ibicella, the origins

You will find a few insects roaming the pages of my website … They represent you, the small bug who came to get lost in my universe, inevitably attracted by the light. Be careful, it burns! I take my name from the Ibicella Lutea, also known as Devil’s Claw, a carnivorous plant that grows in dry warm environments, It is divinely beautiful… She lures vagabond insects with its scent and charming yellow color. Once seduced and into her, they are paralyzed with love and slowly devoured by its petals.

I did not choose to call myself this way, it’s a nickname given to me by my very first playmate and submissive. He was a foot fetishist and adored my sexual perversity and creativity. This is how Ibicella was born. For two years, I remained Ibicella in the shadows with one and only one submissive partner. We progressed together towards the same direction … It was only later that I decided to have fun on the web.

Behind the mask

Rather demure in my daily life, I maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body. Well… Pretty perverse, I grant you that. I explode in private where I have no taboo! Getting the naughty boys a raging boner is my only vice. As far as I am concerned, you will find no inhibition on sex, as long as we share a common pleasure, everything is allowed!

I’ve had enough playing the role of a prude woman, and I’ve decided to emancipate myself and live my fantasies fully, but mostly to annoy the good morals. One must not repress who he is, at the risk of never living happy, I chose personal fulfillment … Liberté chérie! Always very feminine and never vulgar, if I look like an angel “All the better to deceive you, my child”!

A professional choice

Creative, ambitious and independent, that’s how I am described by my friends. Master degree in hand, I bet and I won! Today, I’ve been exploring and evolving in the world of fetishism and BDSM for some years in a personal and professional way.

It was obvious! I have always looked at existential questions: How to be happy and fulfilled in one’s professional world? What sense does our life have if it is not guided by our freedom? Today, after having shared my art and passions for a long time in a small circle of regulars, I feel the desire to expand more broadly. That’s why I started an English speaking career parallel to my French career …

Beginnings of a carrer

Success is hard work! I have always praised the success of the famous Femdom and Humiliatrix such as Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, Princess Rene, Mistress T, Lisa Jordan and many other women whom I recognize talent and beauty.

Unable to find a French equivalent despite my good will, I started to produce home-made fetish and kinky videos in the French JOI style for my own pleasure, and to spread the female supremacy in the “French porn”. I invest a lot in each of my creations, I have evolved a lot on the technical and material aspects. No pain, No gain! I experience a real excitement in humiliating and dominating: not 20 yet, I was already considered a French forerunner in my field.

From being ambassador of the BDSM brand RED CHILI in early 2017, to my nomination at multiple awards (AVN awards 2020, in the category “Favorite Domme” / XBIZ miami  awards 2020, in the category “Best Fetish Clip Artist” / XBIZ Europa awards 2020, in the category “Female Clip Artist of the year” / AVN awards 2022 “Favorite Independent Clip Artist” / AVN Awards 2023 “Favorite Domme”) : I am THE reference when it comes to French Femdom. #1 French performer, I now sell my content on giant platforms such as onlyfans, clips4sale and iwantclips.

I started an English speaking studio in June 2018 which gave me the pleasure to spend unforgettable moments with such big names of the industry like Sardax, Ceara Lynch, Astro Domina, Princess Rene, Natalie Mars and so many more ! If you’re curious, you can enjoy some photos in my portfolio. If you dream to see me working with a specific performer you can pay my rates and I’ll be happy to go find her!

A little more

I am a woman of dominant and seductive nature, with her needs and fantasies. I hate labels, and it’s hard for me to identify with only one category… My mind is pretty sweet and mocking, I’m what you might call in this milieu a humiliatrix, mixing the bratty princess and the young girl next door, I like to seduce as much as I like to destroy. Altruistic and sadistic at the same time: within me sleeps this paradox that I can not explain, that of a suave carnivorous flower…

My slogan is also representative of this ambivalence: “As sweet as bitter, my petals are your enjoyment and your loss.”, that’s my Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde side.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had sadistic and perverse impulses deep inside me. As a child, they were just quirks, inexplicable desires, never sexualized. I realized growing up that it would express itself in my sexuality and in my relationships…

Up until I was 17 years old I grew up in a particular environment: Africa, served by three housemaids. I was surrounded, loved, spoiled, pampered, brooded… never a “no” braked me in any idea I had planned. I was a child-queen, a little brat, which made me a fairly demanding adult for my subs’ pleasure who aspire to get me fulfilled every day! Optimistic by nature, I like gorgeous things. Yet, I do not forget the simple and pleasant things of life, which remain my favourites. I like to travel, discover new sensations, the good gastronomy around the world, walks in the countryside, chilling in bed a Sunday morning …

Few women really have this feeling of being naturally superior, I am one of them. They did not all understand what an advantage their sex gave them… As of me, I’ve understood it from the outset. I have no memory of never having been granted satisfaction for something that was near and dear to my heart. I do not need to use force to penetrate men’s fantasies… My greatest asset is to be aware of my qualities and to make use of them. Manipulative? Certainly … But assumed! I do not need to provide a great effort to captivate men, your balls make you so weak…

I have always considered subs who knew how to entertain me, I demand that my whims are prioritized, whatever their nature; and that nothing will make you happier than to see me satisfied and fulfilled, no matter the sacrifices it will entail for you. I do not care about your wife, your children, or the life you could have had before crossing my path. Today is a new day for you, provided that you arouse some interest in my eyes…

Crawling larva or simple worshipper of the Woman, put your slobbering tail away and come hurl yourself at my feet, it is already too late. Your addiction is already gnawing at you!