Conditions of access to the site

This website contains sensitive and pornographic content.
It is reserved for a major and informed public.


I pledge on honor:

  • Being of legal age according to the law in force in my country (+18 years in France)
  • That the laws of my country of residence authorize me to access this site and that this site has the right to transmit me such data.
  • Consult this server on a personal basis without involving in any way a private company or a public body.
    Be informed of the erotic or even pornographic content of this site.
  • Do not be shocked by any type of legal sexuality and be aware that the whole site is based on purely fictitious fantasies between consenting and informed adults. The majority of the videos being filmed in POV, I realize that they show fantasies and fiction. I forbid myself to sue anyone for any legal action related to this site and my own sensitivity. If I do not feel open-minded enough to visit the site, I must leave it immediately.

I pledge on honor:

  • Do not report the existence of this server and not show the content to minors. Use any ways to prevent access of this server to any minor of my knowledge.
  • Assume my responsibility, if a minor accesses this server because of me: including no protection of the personal computer, no censorship software, disclosure or loss of the security password…
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions before any purchase on the Boutique.
  • Assume my responsibility if one or more of my present statements are false.


This site is formally prohibited to minors and sensitive persons. Protecting your children’s access to your computer is your responsibility.

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