FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions


Transactions made through my website go through Nordpay Financial. They are specialised in securing bank transfers and datas. I don't have any access to your personal bank details. They protect your details and hide my website's name from your bank account statement with their own name : so this is a 100% discreet transaction. Indeed, when you buy an item in my shop, there will be no reference to Ibicella on your bank account statement.

I also give the possibility to make a direct bank transfer from your bank account to mine, or to exchange an amazon giftcard to receive your purchase! This kind of payments is your responsibility and no order will be honoured or confirmed before I receive your payment.

Your client account

Since the month of May 2019 I changed my video distribution system on my site, I am not able to accept "guest" purchases anymore. If you want to buy here, you have to create a customer account. This customer account is 100% free and used as a personal video-store, and to have access to your orders history. Your videos are available for lifetime download and streaming from your "téléchargement" private area, you can access from a computer or mobile phone.

Please notice that you need to inform a valid Email address. By the way, if you do not want to give your personal informations (name, adress etc), you can obviously give false informations even if I do not recommend it. You will be able to edit and delete these informations whenever you want in your private area. The information is also editable every time you valid a purchase: please be careful to inform your real name and address when you buy a physical item that I will have to send by posting-mail, otherwise it will never arrive to your place. I am the only one managing my site, the only thing I delegate is the payment system for security reasons, data protection, and discretion.

Dowloading my videos

I have 2 independent video stores for my english or french clients : both of them are on my own website ! If you buy my clips here you will be able to see them by streaming and download them from your client account (login > downloads). When you see the streaming of the video, just hit your right clic and select "save the video". You can not access to your videos without having a client account, which is your new personal VOD studio. Creating an account on ibicella.fr is free and mandatory.

Webcam and Phone sessions

Thank you for contacting me by e-mail or Live Chat when I’m online (bottom right of your screen). As soon as you receive my confirmation, make sure to pay for the appointment. The payment of a session must be done at the latest 1 hour in advance so that I can prepare myself. I do not accept unscheduled webcam sessions unless you tribute me ibicella.fr/tribute and ask on the Live Chat. Please know : I consider that without payment the time of appointment is still available for other persons.
▷ My webcam shows are done on Skype audio-visual. Make sure you have the software up to date before our appointment! I only accept sessions with men who have a webcam and a microphone as well.
▷ My phone calls are made by phone if you are in France. If you live out of France, Skype audio or Whatsapp.

Can I receive my order in person ?

When you place an order on my shop, you have the choice between 3 delivery methods: at your home, in PO post location, or in person delivery. How is this last one working? Mainly in Lyon (France), or in my host cities when I travel (Paris especially).
This meeting will cost you an extra 50 € that you will give me in person, and it will be in a coffee shop of my choice where we can discuss a few minutes. The package will be discreet and I will give it to you when we see each other.

Items from my Fetish Boutique

When you order a fetish item in my shop, it is personalized. I wear it as we agreed together. It is then removed, sealed with a special vacuum sealer machine, wrapped in a nice package and slipped into a discreet white bubble envelope. I always follow the letter I send. If it is a big package (shoes type, etc.) it is possible that I can not put it under vacuum or that it is not necessary. As for the sending of these voluminous orders, it is done in colissimo in a discrete box. I put a lot of heart in my fetish preparations, and I appreciate having a return when you unpack your new object of worship. I process my orders in their order of purchase: I sometimes have several orders to process which will put you in waiting list until your turn has arrived.

Serve me in person

Although my activity is essentially virtual, I like to live my fantasy and meet my huge fans in real life. This can be for hand-delivery, shopping day, or to serve me “in person”. Attention, it’s an expensive pleasure and I’m extremely selective. I’m looking for alchemy, it’s a kinky and fetish parenthesis that I give to myself and a magical oportunity for you. I have several very strict conditions, we can discuss about it.

Can I be your film slave ?

My duo videos are usually filmed sessions. When I have a session “in person” and if I think that it will not disturb my slave, I can propose to film the scene with my camera (in solo). It is the goodwill of my sub, and if he agrees then he allows me to sell the clip on my studio and he get it for free. If he wants to get a souvenir just for himself he can pay the exclusivity fee (100€) for this video. It is possible to hide the face, to blur it… Over one hour of session there usually remains a 20min video.

Custom clips, audios and photos

You want custom clip or audio in english ? No problem. Please, find my rates and email me : https://ibicella.fr/custom
I also propose custom photo-sets. Have a look at my portfolio here.

Would you be my keyholder please ?

Of course ! I am a fan of chastity games and frustration … I love keeping slaves keys ! I propose some services in my shop that concern chastity and keyholding. Go and have a look! If you want a keyholder for an indefinite period, we can also talk about it by email. In addition, I am ambassadress of the brand Red Chili Chastity that I highly recommend. They also created the Ibicella Cage!

Social medias

Live Chat : When I'm online, you can talk to me directly on the yellow box that appears at the bottom-right of your screen. It will not show up if I am offline. Thanks to understand that this live chat is reserved for requesting a session or other questions related to an order.

Twitter : ibicellastudio / promo_ibicella
Snapchat : ibicellastudio
Clips4sale : ibicella
Iwantclips : ibicella FR / ibicella - english store
Pornhub : ibicella

Attention : I do not have a Facebook account or Instagram account. I’m not on any other social media, if you see one of my videos on a site other than my VOD studios, or a profile copying my identity thank you for keeping me informed as soon as possible.

find here my

Partners and links

Red Chili Chastity

Without a doubt, the best brand of chastity cages, of which I am proud to be the French ambassadress and “face”, walking side by side with other internationally dommes like Ezada Sinn, Gynarchy Goddess Serena, Lady Asmondera, Spoilt Princess Grace, The Russian Fetish Queen and many more! Their cages are custom sized and handmade by a true submissive man in the two workshops located in France and Spain. The design of their jewellery is just as beautiful as the quality of the materials that compose them.


Mademoiselle Ilo Latex

Mademoiselle Ilo is a fashion designer who works exclusively with latex. All her creations are entirely handmade in her studio in Paris, with quality materials. She also proposes to make custom outfits, which I already had the chance to order.
On Mademoiselle Ilo’s shop, you can order beautiful latex outfits, saying that it is a gift for Ibicella. They will send the order to me directly from you! Size S.


Spoilt Princess Grace

Princess Grace is an Irish dominatrix based in Dublin, we walk together hand in hand and make videos in English and double domme. She is mainly focused on financial domination and boots training, but she is a woman with many talents that I invite you to discover on her website !
You who are dying for a session with 2 dommes, do not hesitate to make us come to you and we will take pleasure to submit you both at the same time! Information by email.



Sardax Art

Sardax is an illustrator who has marked and still marks the BDSM world. He often draws dominant women staged in strange kinky fantasies. He is also known for having translated and illustrated the famous Venus in Furs. Portraitist, he also works on commissions.
Do not hesitate to inquire about his commissions, and to order one of your fantasies staged with Your divine Goddess Ibicella. Good to know: Sardax speaks a little French!


The Smutty Rogue

Smutty Rogue is a young digital artist, he draws mostly kinky and bdsm situations. He is particularly attracted by bisexuality, chastity, pegging, and many other very exciting kinks!
Do not hesitate to inquire about his commissions, and to order him a portrait of your Goddess Ibicella! Smutty Rogue speaks English.



Filmed By Duke

FilmedByDuke is a quality signature. He makes custom teaser videos and photos to seduce and enthral sex-workers customers. I had the privilege to work with him during my last trip to London, you can now appreciate the amazing teaser "Trapped" filmed by this talented man.



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