Real Time Servitude

by slave Felixx

Today i was allowed to spend a day with Goddess Ibicella and want to recapture what happened on this amazing day...

After a short night i arrived by train in Geneva and had some time to spend until the arrival of my Owner. i was gift shopping for Her, as i do not know another person that is so openly happy about receiving gifts, it is almost a selfish act to give to Goddess Ibicella because Her smile is such a reward. I almost forgot the time. But when Goddess Ibicella gave me notice that She arrived - because she came from Her city to meet me according to Her "Fly Me to you" program -  i was only 5 minutes away. She suggested to have lunch in the hotel first. I waited for a few minutes and my excitement was increasing exponentially. As She entered and i saw here my heart rate went to new records.

She was wearing a leather skirt with beautiful colourful patterns a black blouse, black small but heeled boots, and a pantyhose. Very cute earnings, too. Does anyone else in the Hotel knows that this woman owns me and manipulates my brain in the most wonderful but also sadistic way? W/we had a wonderful conversation during lunch. About the world and everything. Goddess Ibicella has a unique way to make me feel comfortable in such conversations. After lunch we went upstairs, She put on music and i refreshed myself for a minute.

When i entered the room soft music was playing and in Her amazing voice She ordered me to undress and kiss Her shoes, brand new shoes.
The smell of fresh leather combined with Goddess natural scent of Her legs and feet entered as an intoxicating cocktail my nose. The pushes and commands felt wonderful, i was trying all the time to only touch Her shoes. i did not want to upset my Queen already in the beginning. Under Goddess Ibicella's feet is a wonderful place. It feels warm. Yes Her heels sting and She knows how to slowly test out  Her slave's pain limits, but the amount of pain and suffering throughout the session was always perfect. Pushing my limits gently but never going too far,  but still at a level where my brain entered a new state and next time the limits are shifted slightly further.
I was ordered to lay on the bed and a wonderful time of breathplay started. I was strangled by Goddess hands and her powerful legs, there was no escape when i was looking in Her eyes I begged to hold my breath for Her. With facesitting this part was completed , it was such a wonderful time. I was forced to stroke and push my throat against Her leg strangling myself arousing me oh so much. A time in heaven.

Again and again my nipples were object of Her cruelty. She enjoyed bringing me to beg for mercy. With a big smile She enjoyed this and made Her slave to Her object, Her toy. Goddess owned me and i feel devotional love to Her. As She kicked Her knee in my groin again and again asking me if i loved Her. For every answer (always "yes") another kick was performed.  The slave was brainwashed by the pain and noticed one truth: he loves His Goddess and Owner more than His own balls.

Throughout the session i was allowed to taste Goddess Ibicella's spit over and over. Some times sliding in my mouth, Some times harshly spat into it. The most wonderful liquid i was ever allowed to taste. And again Goddess shifts the limit of the slave, today i wish i will be able to taste more and other liquids maybe i will be found worthy of Her pee one day. What a brilliant journey and manipulation of my brain.
Goddess Ibicella shifted gears, i kneeled before Her and was commanded to look in Her eyes,an easy task in principle. But it meant not looking at Her breasts. All of a sudden Her hand smashed on my cheek. Yes I drifted of I felt ashamed . Only a bra was covering Her breasts, again and again i tried to look away but Her eyes so close to such beauty was too much for this slave, i was hit again and again. It amused my Goddess how i had to accept the pain but was helpless not to look at it. Feeling ashamed for failing my Goddess, such a punishment is also good, as it allows the slave another chance after the punishment. Here, the slave was just helpless. Then another shift of gears: Goddess uncovered Her breasts. Punishment: Ball squeezing until i cry. i was helpless, full of fear and suddenly felt the squeeze of my balls. Stronger and stronger until i felt they will be detached of my body.
The arousing castration fantasy Goddess Ibicella whispered in my ear before, three French women talking what will happen to me and me not knowing what they are talking about And if when and how i would be guided. This picture triggered fear in me and i asked full of fear if She would allow this to happen to Her slave. Her answer was in sadistic laughter, that She would be one of them.

As I screamed and begged for mercy the pain stopped. But The slave was forced to this test again. And of course failed again and the pain.started again. But the merciful Goddess did not castrate Her slave like that. And another scene of a beautiful dance of the limits of the slave was concluded.

Soon i was put on a leather hood. I could breathe and see but barely hear anything. The vision was taken away by an extra  blindfold clicked into place over my ears. The mouth was soon covered with a gag, that was pointing in my mouth like a small dick.
My hands and feet where tied together and a chain attached. My Queen notified me it was useless to try to escape. I accepted my fate. Goddess told me i am just an object i should not be selfish but not move and serve as her furniture. She sat somewhere down and rested Her legs on me. It felt so degrading and after a while i lost any sense for the time. i wanted to move but the urge to obey and serve was bigger. Again Goddess Ibicella's ability to brain wash me into desiring to obey was shown. She talked to me and i could barely hear it but it was pure verbal humiliation. A toy and an object is this slave. Existing to delight it's Goddess. The pain of the skin on rubbing on the carpet increased, again and again the slave was commanded to sit still. My mouth had to play with the little dick-gag and salivate like crazy. In the beginning I swallowed all this saliva but as the training continued i gave up.  Broken and only the commands of His owner in His mind the slave kneeled under Goddess feet. Goddess performed a whipping. The worst slashes brought stinging pain. Then i accepted my gate and enjoyed the pain and the sadism of my Owner.

Until the gag was released. Then i dared to ask for water and was confronted with the beautiful but evil laughter of Goddess Ibicella. Suddenly a glass if warm liquid was in my hands. No water but pee. Already accepting His fate even embracing it i wanted to drink but the glass was swaped in the last second to water. Goddess Ibicella managed to humiliate Her slave by manipulating Him to want to drink Her kids and then denying Him. As He was not ready, worthy today to drink it. Now the seed is implanted in my brain and the desire to drink is getting bigger and bigger. What a Manipulatrix my Owner is... However, i was released from my hood and granted a short break as we were already hours into play. After returning from the bathroom myself Goddess was lying on the bed on Her phone. After a short time i was told to rub Her legs. It was a pleasure to obey.  i was ignored while massaging Goddess feet and legs only interrupted by the one or the other command. It fit so perfect into this moment and i felt oh so honoured.

After the massage I was allowed to sit on the bed, She showed me music and was suddenly on top of me again. Unable to move my cock in a helpless position, whispering in my ear. Oh how I love this whisper the sounds the ASMR style of Goddess Ibicella. Drifting of i was interrupted by biting while i was smelling Her perfume. my resistance did not last long this slave was broken and an unconditional playground for His Goddess, trusting 100% with His body and life. Deep bites in my ear close to my throat. Taking away my air over and over again. Sitting on my face i asked again for permission to release (I did this for hours a I was told to stroke over and over again for hours). With a laughter my wish was suddenly granted and came while my air supply was cut by Goddess beautiful ass.

What an epic ride wad this. I was allowed to clean myself up my shackles were removed and i was allowed to take a quick shower.

After returning i tried to put my gratitude in words for what just happened for the last several hours. I was overwhelmed of this dream of my earliest and deepest sexual ideas coming true after more than 20 years. Even after the session Goddess Ibicella cared of me in such a lovely way. After-care is very important to build a good relationship and She knows how to use it. She hugged Her slave strong as to say everything is alright. Just wonderful. I had to take a flight later but we still had some time that we spent with talking and eating in the lobby. i love the way my Goddess argues and talks with me outside of the play space. i truly admire the many layers of Goddess Ibicella i was allowed to experience. In the end I had to run to the station to get to the airport and catch my flight. The whole weekend was in a high subspace...

I can only encourage every slave or fan of Goddess Ibicella to ask for "Fly Me to you" experience. I could not have wished for more professional and kindness. When i arrived at my destination in the hotel room no traces on my body from scratching, whipping, biting, or anything else were to find. Besides that I was amazed how much Equipment She could bring in Her suitcase. I am saving my spare money again and hope for a time slot where this could be repeated!

Slave Felixx

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