Real Time Servitude

by slave Hobbit

Day 1:
After she arrived at the hotel she told me to get ready, to drive to her, as I live roughly 1,5hours away. When I arrived the concierge followed me in and looked at me like: What do you want here? So I got in and looked around in the Lobby, maybe she is already waiting somewhere?
The concierge approached me: Can I help you? 
Me: No, I'm just waiting for someone.

So I texted her, that I arrived and sat down in the lobby. Minutes passed, I got nervous until she texted me: 3-5min. Meanwhile the concierge walked multiple times around me and had some kind of suspicious look. Then a snap from her. It was a video from inside the escalator. My heartbeat got up. I couldn't see the escalator directly. I heard the door opening. People came around the corner. But nothing. Not her. Seriously this didn't helped my heart. Lol. Ok, continue to wait. Then another door and there She was. Stunning, beautiful and smiling. In reality she has such a strong appearance. I forgot everything around me. We greeted and she guided me into her hotel room and showed me around.

As surprise she gifted me some dried apple chips. But I wasn't allowed to just eat  them. She ordered me to kneel in front of her and fed me with them. I have to say: I have never ever been dominated in real life. So this was a premiere for me. And it wouldn't be the last. I thanked her for it and asked, if I may stand up again. She laughed and said: "If you ask, then no!" . So I had to stay on my knees for a bit longer.
Until she ordered me to come with her, visiting a bar. We drank a cocktail and talked a lot. I was still nervous but she always let me feel comfortable. I never talked that much in English before. So it was also quite challenging.

We asked the bar guys what restaurants they would recommend, so we walked to an Italian restaurant nearby. They didn’t had an English menu on paper. Just one on a huge whiteboard. So the guy put this huge whiteboard just near us on a chair. It was somehow funny. She picked for herself Calamari. I never ate Calamari before and as it was a huge portion for her, she asked me if I wanted to taste it. Did she really ask me? I think it was more like: She told me to try it. So she put something on the fork, looked me straight in the eyes and literally fed me right there in between lots of people. It was really crowded and the table besides us were just like 50cm away. It was hot and somehow humiliating. She found something on her table, she referred to it as “the feet” of it and laughed. So I had to eat them too. I still don’t know if it was a joke. So another premiere, first time Calamari.

Back at the hotel room she showed me everything she brought with her. I also bought some sweets for her, so we tried them. After a while she ordered me to strip. It was a disaster, so as a result I had to hump a pillow and got whipped with her leather belt. The leather belt hurt a bit, but not so much. I mentioned it to her the day after, that it didn’t hurt that much. It was “Okay”. Later she put a collar around my neck and I was lying blindfolded on the bed. I got tormented, teased, slapped and spat on. It felt like hours. Until she gave me the permission to cum. I'm quite good at holding it back by now, so it was a relief when I got the permission after 25 days. The orgasm kept on for an eternity.

Day 2
 The next day we had to get up really early, as I wanted to visit with her the "Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg. I wasn't sure if she will like it, but when she started to explore all the small details, I was in aww and really happy. After an extensive disinfection session due to the Covid-19 around, we went to a nearby Coffee-roaster and rested there for a while before we headed to the Elbphilharmonie. We were just one minute away, when it started to get insanely windy and rainy. The umbrella couldn't hold it anymore. Completely shacked up, she still looked beautiful with all messed up hair and wet by the rain. Magical. It was really cold up there so we didn’t stayed long and went back to the hotel.
As the taxi driver only wanted cash and she had my wallet locked up in the hotel safe (financial control), there was a short moment, where we thought, that I had to stay with the taxi driver, while she gets some cash from the hotel room. But it all went good, we stayed below 15 euros. Just the amount she had with her.

Back at the hotel we went into the Spa area. We were the only one, so we could freely swim around and pick a beach lounger. We went to a small Sauna nearby, still the only ones. And we lied ourselves on the wood benches. My head was near her feet, so it didn’t took long until she rested them on my chest. And maybe accidently moved them at my face to kiss them. The beginning of a foot fetish... :) Hey, another premiere for me. We moved to a different sauna, steam sauna. After getting relaxed, I was ordered to do push-ups. First just only 10. As she probably wasn’t satisfied with my successful smile. I had to get naked and do it again. Still successful, I had to do it a third time, but this time she rested her legs on me and finally sat on me. But that was the point, where I was too weak to get up again.

At the evening we went to a tiny sushi bar and it was so great. They only had 10 seats in total. The Sushi master was standing in front of us and created those great sushi. Ibicella loved them. Again I was relieved, that she liked it. For me it was also the first time eating sushi and I loved them too. (Another premiere) I struggled hard to use the chopsticks correctly, but Ibicella taught me. We even got a surprise gift from the Sushi master. It was delicious.
As we were just a few minutes away from a fetish shop, we walked over and roamed the shop for the next hour. She tried different dresses and bought some for herself. As we were strolling around, she wanted to buy something "for me". It was a fleshlight, pussy pocket so she could humiliate me a little bit more. We were standing before literally hundreds of different. I saw one and told her: "Hey, it is your friend here".  And yeah, she wanted to get exactly that one. It was a fleshlight formed as Angela White. Some might remember the AVN Red Carpet Videos.
Back at the hotel we had some drinks and let the day end slowly.

Day 3
As we didn't had a special plan we went back to the spa after breakfast. We lied on the sunbed at the pool. We were alone at the pool, when she looked at me and ordered me to kiss her feet. Yes, in actual public. I probably had a panic in my face, she just looked at me back with a strong expression. Come on! Do it! At first she just flicked her leg up in the air, while lying on her belly. But then she stretched her leg  down, so I had to move to the bottom of the sunbed. So I slowly went down and started kissing nervously. My back was heading at the door, so I couldn’t see if there will be someone entering the area. Afterwards I had to kneel besides her sunbed and she started to scratch my back. Surprisingly we heard a "Hello" from some guy walking around. I looked up and as a reflex I greeted him and lowered my head back again. Still kneeling besides her. I didn’t care.

We moved to the steam sauna. There I had to kiss her feet. And got an occasional cold water shower from her. Again and again and again. Ouch. Back in the hotel room I was ordered to massage her back and legs for maybe 30minutes, 60minutes? I lost track of the time and just focused myself on her. At some point she had  enough and I had to close my eyes and lie down. She changed her wardrobe, put her leather belt around my neck and started chocking me. She had her black over knee  boots on and a latex dress. For everyone curios, look at the video “subspace at my boots“. A few moments later, I was kneeling besides the bed, kissing her leather boots and got whipped by her leather belt. Trust me, it hurts. It hurts a lot. And if you don't want to use a safeword, then you are dumb. I was hardly able to speech, due to the pain. She even asked me in between, if I still remember the safeword. With tears in my eyes, I said yes and she kept on going. When getting asked if I wanted more, I begged her: “No! Please no!” But she kept on going. I was trembling. And of course she did, how should she know?

But nonetheless she noticed, that there was something wrong and I was too stupid for using a safeword, so she pulled my head up and whispered the safeword in my left ear. I was completely broken, hurt and lost. I was so so so fucked up. I wanted to quit everything. She started to comfort me, hold me and really caught me. I really want to thank her for it. Without that I don't know if I would ever be able to do it again. I think it took me easily an hour to get back to a normal mind set. Her care was outstanding. Meanwhile I'm seriously sadder about the fact, that there is no video of it. For me it was brutal and she was merciless. I think this is some sort of "Back then, everything was better"-grandpa story. You forget the bad things and just remember the good things. If someone would ask me today, if I would do it again, I would say yes. But let me get this straight. I can only say this because of her outstanding care afterwards. I cannot imagine, what would have happened, if I would had to leave right away. And also sorry to Ibicella to put her through it. Because it for sure hurt her too. Especially the fact, that into the roleplay she doesn’t know if you say stop, if she has to actually stop. I’m really sorry for this.

So after slowly getting back to normal, we went outside and walked around the city. We went shopping to LuluLemon and she got some yoga pants for herself. We went to a nearby restaurant before hitting the Spa one last time. Me with my quite visible strains on the back. But I kept my bathrobe on. Except when we went in the Sauna, and we were not even alone, all naked. What a torment! But yeah… whatever, right?

We ended the day with me ordering a salmon toast one minute before closing the room service. She said: “Chop Chop! It's your job slave. Hurry, it's your fault if you are too late.” But it was not a problem and they delivered it within 20minutes.

I accidentally looked where I shouldn't I had to get in the corner. Where I had to kneel, facing the corner. After sitting there for a while, she came to me and put a mask on me. I couldn’t see anything and was barely able to speak. So there I was, kneeling in the corner, with a mask on, she sitting on a chair right in front of me. I can't really remember what happened, she humiliated me - total blackout-, but at some point I told her that my legs were painful. She let me get up without long hesitation and I got placed on the bed. I had to decide if I want to use the fleshlight on me or get denied. I picked denied. Why, actually?! I was still wearing the blindmask as she gave herself an orgasm right in my ears, and teased me with the Hitachi until I begged from desperation. And we ended the last evening…

Day 4
We got up late and instead of heading to the breakfast, we - or better she - did a quick video. But before, she wanted to try the fleshlight on me. (Premiere!) So with some starting problems I used it on me, but she wasn’t satisfied. So she sat on my face (Premiere!) and stroked her property. Within seconds I had my first ruined orgasm. And just a few seconds later, I was back on edge again. And she tried to ruin it again, but it was just too much for me to handle. I messed it up. After cleaning, she prepared everything for a video. Meanwhile I took some photos of her and was allowed to play some furniture in the video. After the checkout we went one last time to the same Italian restaurant, as on the first day. The time was running so quickly, so we headed back to the hotel and ordered a taxi. Everything went quickly and we had to say good bye. Seeing her driving away. Heart breaking! I really had to hold back my tears while walking to my car. Even at home, it was intense...

Slave Hobbit

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