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Sissy Diana by

I love when She makes me edge and makes me beg her to go in my little prison. Once She has achieved that, She becomes a lot more taunting. She will constantly remind me of my condition. I loved that years ago and I still do today. After a few days of teasing and denying I become desperate and a lot more willing to be Her slut. She can easily make me say things I wouldn’t normally say. From that point She decides where to go with the game.

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Real Time Session by slave Felixx

The arousing castration fantasy Goddess Ibicella whispered in my ear before, three French women talking what will happen to me and me not knowing what they are talking about and if when and how i would be guided. This picture triggered fear in me and i asked full of fear if She would allow this to happen to Her slave. Her answer was in sadistic laughter, that She would be one of them.

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"Ibicella" quickly became my entire life. I work a lot, everyday. Men fall easily under my spell, but I still like challenges. Building a relationship demands a lot of investment, but I truly like it. I have a lot of subs who are my real friends now, without depreciating the respect they show me due to our D/s relationship. Whatever I want, I have, it’s true. But it’s the consequence of a lot of sacrifices and personal investments.

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La domination financière by

Il y a une demande masculine, une demande du soumis, de vouloir contribuer à notre plaisir, souligne Ibicella. Il souhaite se faire remarquer. Mais ce n’est pas macho, ce n’est pas dans l’objectif de "prendre soin" de la femme: il sait que la dominatrice gagne le triple de son salaire et que ce n’est pas un besoin. Mais ça fait du bien à son ego. En nous offrant quelque chose, on va faire une petite vidéo ou un petit mot pour le remercier, ou il va pouvoir nous rencontrer. Et là, il va se dire: “j’ai existé”.

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How to be a good boy by

They never lie to their Owner, even in important circumstances they have 100% confidence in the relationship they nourish with love, care and devotion. They agree that the time of their favorite model must be valued by paying Her and her videos, and they always have something great to say after watching them to put a smile on Her face.

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