2020 will ruin you




You’ve already wished me a happy new year, haven’t you? You wished me the eternal “health, love and prosperity”? And since you are a good puppy, you did your best the previous year: you found a second job to provide my desires, you saved a lot on your personal expenses, maybe you even sucked a few cocks for money. Yes, you really did everything you could. In fact, this is not “everything”. I KNOW you can do better. For the new year, this is a new challenge that you’ll have to face … I want you to follow a drastic lifestyle in order to spend all your expenses – even the most vital ones- on your Goddess.


# Ibicella studio ; Nex Year 2020 ; Financial Domination ; Findom ; Financial Ruin ; Slavery tasks ; Slave training ; Brat Girls ; Humiliation ; Poor