ATM for greedy Domme $isters !




Yes, that’s right, we love YOUR money. You have to admit, your ca$h is sexier in our hands. Just look at us, in our expensive leather, we can make you do whatever we want! See, all you’re good for is to be chaste and submissive, to serve us and work hard to entertain us, we just love the feeling of when we see your money coming right out of your bank account, straight into our hands. It makes us powerful ! You worship your Goddesses when they command you to do so, then you go back to work so we can do it again and again… We know you have something for leather, so we are going shopping to spend all your money, as you work hard for covering us with luxury leather pieces.
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# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Brat ; Double domination ; Financial domination ; Findom ; Duo ; Leather gloves ; human ATM ; Money fetish