Competition : be the sluttiest for my birthday !




This year for my birthday I have decided to set up a competition for my bitches! If you dream of offering yourself to me, you’d better get down to be the sluttiest of them all. I will guide you through the process by explaining exactly what I expect from you, and humiliating you at each stage of your transformation. You will send me proofs to judge your miserable degradation once the work is done! Prepare the following: ball gag, feminine outfit, butt plug, sharpie, nipple clamps… And happy birthday to YOUR queen!


# Ibicella studio; femdom POV; latex fetish; humiliating tasks; sissyfication; degrading ; degradation ; write on your body; brainwash; mindfuck; psychological humiliation; competition; competition between subs ; boots; anniversaire birthday 2020 ; ENSPK