Cute smelly feet need you !




I just came back from a long walk. It’s so hot outside… Take a look at my feet, they really need a massage, don’t you think ? Maybe you could take care of them. Look ! I’ve polished my nails with a cute soft pink this morning. It’s so girly !

Ow sorry, did you just get a whiff of my smelly feet ? I’m sorry if you’re feeling uncomfortable… They become sweaty when I walk too much with this hot summer time. But… Wait… What’s in your pants ?!
You’ve got a huge erection uh. Are my feet teasing your cock ? No, don’t worry, it’s ok. You’re not a freak for enjoying weird stuff you know.
After all, they are the CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen haha. We’re going to make a deal : you take care of my feet, and I take care of your cock 😉 !


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Foot fetish ; Feet ; Smelly ; Toes ; Soles ; Sensual domination