Eating it is not gay. It’s sexy ! – CEI




You know, eating it is not gay. It’s just super sexy. And yeah I mean, it’s your OWN juice, from your own body, it’s natural to feel the curiosity of tasting it… You don’t have to be ashamed, it will be our little secret.

Just imagining your sensual mouth full of cum makes my sweet flower very wet… It’s not that disgusting, it’s just a little bit salty and sticky. Oh come on. It’s fucking exciting to see a big fat load of jizz running inside your throat, I’m already getting horny and I’m sure you can see it on my face and wet panty ! Don’t disappoint me, you can’t really say no to a horny girl begging for cum, can you ?


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Cum eating instructions ; Sensual domination ; Erotic tease