Financial Servitude Trance




I’m everything you need, I’m your guide to explore your deepest self : you are a true submissive. The only thing that keeps you alive is being useful and serving superior women. You really see Me as your Queen, you love Me and you crave to contribute to my success. Money is power, and you’re going to abandon all that power of yours in my hands… just give up, I’m so much superior than you in every possible way. You worship Me, watching me smoking your cash and consuming your soul makes you beg for more and more enslavement. You really can’t fight this addiction or yours, and it’s ok, because hearing me calling you a “Good Boy” is the greatest satisfaction you will ever experience.

I want you in perfect trance, you can watch this hypn’notic clip smoking or sniffing vapours. Use headphones for a complete binaural asmr mind-fucking experience.


# Ibicella studio ; enspk ; Financial domination ; Findom ; ASMR ; Goddess worship ; Mesmerize ; Moneypulation ; Mindfuck ; Mind fuck ; Mind melt ; Heavy atmosphere ; Conditioning