Giantess shrinks you to eat you with cheese




To get fresh human food into my house I offer a room for rent for tourists on Airbnb. I have lots of guests and you are the next… The clip starts when you arrive in my kitchen after a long trip, of course I offer you a drink, but it’s spiked with a potion that gives me a complete control over you. You just walked into a Giantess trap ! You are going to be my next meal, I magically shrink you to a 5-6 inches tiny man, as I tease you about how I’m going to eat you : raw, between 2 big slices of cheese ! You would fit perfectly between them, Yummy ! But don’t be scared, or you won’t taste good. I have some special ideas to make you taste better before I eat you alive. You’ll probably feel every bite hahaha !


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Giantess ; Vore ; Cheese ; Food ; Eating ; Devour ; Magic ; POV ; Point of view ; Tiny man ; Shrinkage