I’m your God – Joi games




I love having you wrapped around My finger, ready to entertain your Goddess ! Today, I am going to show you the influence I have over your sexual life. Right, My fate is going to decide upon your orgasm. It doesn’t matter what kind of orgasm I give you, it’s always a gift and an honour to cum on my commands, isn’t it ? Well, I am going to play it in 2 rounds, the first one is going to decide how long the countdown will be, and the second one is going to decide how you are allowed to cum : ruined orgasm, or cum eating humiliation. Anyway, you’re going to sacrifice your dignity if you wish to blow today.


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Joi game ; Jerk off instructions ; Mesmerize ; Orgasm control ; Fate game ; Interactive ; Overknee boots ; Goddess worship ; Erotic goddess