Locktober is forever (FR with EN subtitles)




** This is a French speaking clip with English subtitles**

I kept my headsub chaste and desperately frustrated for Locktober, teasing him the whole month. Lucky boy, Locktober is already over now. I told him he’d get a wonderful surprise for his release… He obediently gave himself up to me, trusting his seducing Mistress. So I took the opportunity to put him in his bodybag and blindfolded him with a leather hood. Now that I have full control over him, I am well determined to grant him his very special surprise.
He has been waiting for so long, he never imagined he could end up begging this way, chaste forever with no chance to escape.


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Chastity ; Device ; Sub abuse ; Tricked ; Leather bondage ; Manipulation ; Seduction ; Mean girl ; Cruel ; Leather hood ; Tease and denial