Patience comes with a treat




My bitch slave you’re going to have a little training today, a little reminder that I’m controlling your cock.
Whatever it takes, you’ll follow my simple instruction: no masturbation until I give you the explicit permission to start.

Oh, I know, it’s really hard to resist… Especially when you get to see your Goddess in latex lingerie and shiny boots. But your pleasure does not exist in our relationship. Your satisfaction is and should always come from obedience. I could steal your orgasm away, and abuse your mouth until cum all over your face letting you in a deep ache, you’d always be grateful.


# Ibicella studio ; Latex lingerie ; ENSPK ; boots ; tease and denial ; masturbation challenge ; JOI challenge ; cum countdown ; cum timer ; masturbation control ; pussy tease ; ass tease ; latex fetish ; trap ; frustration