Sissy training : poppers and nylons foot worship




I want you to prep yourself with your beautiful dress, a girly thong and your nylon stockings. You’re going to be a weak dressed up doll for your Mistress. I have a magical elixir to make you even more brainless.

Wow ! Look at your little clit inside your chastity cage… it’s eager to escape, haha ! You’re getting hornier with each sniff you take under my commands ! The more chaste you are, the sluttier you will be, you know. Your dick is not a dick anymore : it’s MY property and I do NOT share MY stuff with your disgusting hands.

You’re going to worship my perfect smelly feet encased in nylons while you masturbate your boipussy like a real girl with a vibrating toy. You’re fucking weak, you’re feeling dizzy, breathing whatever I order during long and sexy countdowns… ! Maybe I’ll let you squirt, but only in a frustrating way…


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Force intox ; Feet ; Foot worship ; Latex ; Nylon ; Sissy training ; Chastity ; Anal training