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You have been denying your pitiful orgasm for 3 weeks now. Every single word out of my mouth makes you weak and desperate, you would do anything to please Me. You follow my orders like an hypnotised zombie, letting Me take your breath as long as it pleases Me. It doesn’t matter if you’re suffocating, dying under My spell would be so perfect. I’m choking you, taking what’s rightfully Mine, mesmerizing you with My luscious look and powerful ass. You suffer an intense and brutal scissor hold, where you always dreamed to be, smelling the delicate scent of My wet silky panties. You can’t fight my strong feminine legs while I’m taking your breath and strangling your throat. Your life is in My hands facing -not only the edge or your orgasm- but also your mortal existence. If I break you, I’ll probably replace you with a new toy…

[english speaking clip]


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