Tease and Humiliation for my armpit slave




This is how I train slaves like you. I get them all worked up, sniffing my perfect skin, so close to me… Then, I slap their balls to remind them of their place. I own you from head to toe, I am on every single one of your dreams, even your darkest nightmares. I’m fire and ice, tease and Viol3nce. You love me, and you hate me at the same time, but always submissively.

Lick my boots, worship my armpits, take my hard slaps on your face. I enjoy manipulating you, spitting sensually in your mouth, then hurting you with love.


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Armpits ; Face slap ; Ballbusting ; CBT ; Ruined orgasm ; Spit ; Leather