Toilet bitch at my mercy (FR with EN subtitles)




I’m already excited by the idea seeing your struggling under the spicy smell of my excrement… I like to imagine your mouth covered with shiit, and what an honor for you to have my divine shiit stuck on your face! If you resist, I will have to starve you for a long week, and frustrate you until your balls make you suffer the worst humiliation. In your wildest dreams, you gently pass your tongue through my tight and taste my bitter little asshole, you almost make love to my butt with your mouth … Get back to reality, dirty whore! because it won’t happen this way ! Believe me, you are not ready for the vices and perversions I plan for your dirty mouth.


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Toilet fetish ; Humiliation ; Ass addict ; Femdom POV ; Leather ; Slave training