Your chastity serves ME




Why should I let you cum ? Look at yourself. Frustration makes you docile, obedient. You’re a better slave when I let you with blue balls, 100% more likely to serve your Mistress. When you have all this boiling juice inside your testicles, you become weak and stupid…

You’re more vulnerable and more manipulable when you’re into a deep chastity. Your permanent chastity serves MY interests, MY benefits. Having an orgasm is a luxury you’re not worthy of… no matter how much you beg, I’ll let you cum only if I have something in return, only if you – little brainless jerkaholic – find a way to make your orgasm USEFUL to me. Understood ?


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Chastity , Slave training ; Orgasm control ; Cum tax ; Frustration ; Orgasm denial