Your keyholding Queen




You do everything to be an exemplary submissive, I notice it. You buy my videos regularly, you tribute me whenever your can, you fulfil my every desire! On the other hand, I also noted that your periods of intense devotion were closely related to your periods of abstinence… It will therefore be necessary to put you in a chastity cage and send me the key. For this to be more comfortable, I strongly recommend you to buy a custom-sized device, as your stick is so small you would be able to escape ! Don’t worry I’ll explain all this so that you do not get too lost when you’ll have to send me the keys of your new little prison.


# Ibicella studio ; Enspk ; Chastity device; Female domination ; Femdom POV ; Keyholder ; Masturbation humiliation ; Slave training ; Boots ; Cage